Welcome to LEAF

LEAF is a volunteer organization bringing people together to grow healthy pesticide free food and to learn about environmentally sustainable gardening and ecological practices.

  • rent out garden beds
  • grow food for donation to the Tri-City Volunteer’s food bank
  • propagate and sell seedlings
  • offer workshops on topics such as composting and permaculture

In all of our activities we strive to minimize our ecological impact and improve the health of the soil.

 We believe that one of the most valuable things we can do is create communities where people can learn from each other.

May Letter from the President - Have you planted your spring garden yet? If not, you can pick up seedlings propagated by the Nursery Team either at the LEAF Center (honor box system) or at McIvor’s Hardware. This is a good month to plant your tomatoes, plus all your other summer veggies. Be sure to include some flowering plants or perennial ... Read More...
Spring Plant & Garden Sale - The Propagation Team has been gathering weekly in preparation for the sale of seedlings. This year, we’ll also have some “garage sale” items, including two of the greenhouses at the LEAF Center, complete with solar-powered fans. It promises to be a fun event! Where:  LEAF Center When:  April 14 - 10AM - 1PM  
April Letter from the President - Hello fellow-LEAFers! Spring has finally arrived on the calendar, though it's been herer in Fremont for weeks.  Both gardens are ramping up for the season with work parties.  I hope you'll be able to join us.  The weeds have been especially lush this year, as I'm sure you've noticed, plus we have soil and mulch ... Read More...
March letter from the President - It has certainly been wet! My daffodils are blooming and falling on their faces from the rain, then getting munched by slugs. Surely it must be getting close to spring planting time? LEAF’s Nursery Manager, Elaine, has this advice: Before you start sowing seed or planting seedlings, check your soil temperatures. The easiest way is ... Read More...
What’s the Buzz at the LEAF Center? Native Bees! - By Jackie Flaten, Niles California’s many types of native bees are resilient, hardworking and utterly integral to our ecosystems, but they do need our help. This was the key message from local expert gardener, longtime LEAF member and engineer Phil Stob, who provided a trove of great info at the LEAF Center’s monthly workshop on ... Read More...

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