What to do in the Garden

Leaves, Glorious, Leaves! The leaves on many deciduous trees, including stone fruit trees, have turned to beautiful shades of yellows, oranges and reds in our area. With the slightest breeze they gently fall to the ground, creating carpets and rustling piles of color.

Leaves should be raked from your lawns and off plants to prevent rot, BUT do not throw them away. They’re a great source of free mulch to cover bare ground and to use on veggie beds resting for the winter.

Mulching with leaves suppresses weeds and acts as a barrier protecting your bare soil from cold and wind in the winter and heat in the summer. After the leaves decompose, they become organic matter, and can serve as compost, releasing nutrients back into the soil.

Happy raking!
Elaine, Stone Garden Manager


  1. Can i come to beeswax wrap and apiary tour tomorrow? Just 1 child and 1 adult. If can’t can i just do apiary tour? Im looking to buy beeswax, also.

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