Greenhorns free movie

Where does your food come from? More and more Bay Area markets and restaurants proudly advertise that their meat and produce is local, brought fresh to the table by farmers working near and even inside urban areas.

You can get to know some of these urban farmers, on screen and in person, at a Jan. 28th event at the historic Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in Fremont.

Aaron Dinwiddie and Mica O’Herlihy of Feral Heart Farm will be on hand to answer your questions after a screening of “Greenhorns,” a documentary about young people setting out to become farmers. Feral Heart is at the Sunol AgPark east of Fremont, which was set up on 20 acres of water district land next to the Sunol Water Temple to nurture urban farming by providing land and support.

The event will also feature local eats and a chance to check out the newly expanded historic theater, which is about a block from the studio where Charlie Chaplin made his first movies, including “The Little Tramp.”

The whole thing is a fundraiser for a LEAF (Local Environment and Agriculture Fremont) fundraiser, for their C.R. Stone Garden. Veggies grown at the garden by volunteers are donated to the TCV Food Bank.

When: Sunday, January 28 at 4-6pm

Where: Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

37417 Niles Blvd, Fremont

Tickets: $20

Two similar events are scheduled for February 25 and March 25. Tickets are $15 each if purchased for all three screenings. See LEAF’s website or Facebook page for details.

Purchase tickets at:

Like us on Facebook, LEAF (Local Ecology and Agriculture Fremont)

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