A bumper crop of cat flags at Stone Garden

Strolling around the garden a few days ago I saw a strange sight: Planters full of fluttering plastic flags. What the heck?

Turns out they’re the latest strategy for keeping the resident cat, Sawyer, from pooping in the raised beds. Elaine, the garden manager, says she’s great at controlling rodents, but there’s a definite downside. (My own late lamented cat loved to stretch out in my garden beds, cushioned and cooled by the crushed vegetation, so there’s that, too.) 

Sawyer contemplates her next move. If you give her some catnip she might let you whitewash the fence.

Anyway, the flags are working well so far, although cats have a way of getting around these little obstacles. If you have an effective cat control strategy we’d love to hear it.

BTW Sawyer got her name from the Stone garden volunteers. “We put to a vote whether to name her after Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn,” Elaine says. “Why? Stone Gardeners like the idea of wood fences made out of reused boards and weathered paint.”

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