Propagation Station: Growing plants for 2020

We have begun to sow seeds in preparation for this year’s plant sales!

Propagation Station will be a series of quick blog posts sharing exciting news, experiments, and any other kind of fun going on in our greenhouse and lath house. This week, we have started sowing seeds for the spring and summer crops! First in the lineup are artichokes, eggplants and peppers.

With over a hundred types of edibles and flowers to get started, we prioritized these three for their lengthier germination and growth periods. Eggplants and pepper seedlings are quite frost sensitive, and so to help jumpstart their growth, they will be kept indoors and on top of heating mats.

A great motif around LEAF is creatively re-purposing items and giving them a second life in the garden. Elaine has come up with a clever way to reuse discarded window blinds by cutting them up into small pieces and essentially creating an unlimited supply of plant labels!

A ton more seeds to sow and plants to grow. Until next week 🙂

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