New ACWD rebate for smart sprinklers

The Alameda County Water District (ACWD) has partnered with Rachio Inc. and the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency to offer residential customers a smart sprinkler controller at a discounted price of $100 + tax (up to a $279+ retail value).  The controller allows you to run your system from your smart phone to keep your garden healthy while avoiding overwatering. This offer can be redeemed online and your order will be shipped to your door.

This is in addition to the water district’s ongoing rebate program for residential customers who convert their lawns to water-efficient landscaping. (Please note that you have to get approval from the water district before starting your conversion project in order to qualify.)

Visit to learn more.

(Image credit: “Sprinkler” by camknows is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 )

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