Welcome to LEAF’s C.R. Stone Garden

Stone Garden is a 1/4 acre garden leased to us at no cost by Dr. Chris Stone of the Mission Valley Vet Clinic. Our mission is to share the food we grow with local food banks. We use regenerative agriculture practices to build healthy soil. This means sheet mulching, composting, no tilling, crop rotation, cover crops, borders with pollinator plants, organic fertilizers and no biocides.

Our Thursday Volunteer Day is now closed to ensure everyone’s safety ; (   The garden is still being actively nurtured by a dedicated core group of gardeners who wear face coverings and observe social distancing. While observing these restrictions, lots of hard work is being done – composting beds, nurturing seedlings, transplanting spring plants, mulching pathways, weeding, taking care of our bees and worms and maintaining the infrastructure. 

Last year we donated over 2,500 pounds of produce to the food bank. We are striving to increase that volume this year because the need for food has greatly increased with the advent of Covid-19. 

Stone Garden is also home to a greenhouse and lath house where seedlings are grown for the annual LEAF Plant Sale, which starts in April. This year the event went virtual due to Covid-19, with online ordering and no-contact pickup. The plant sale did extremely well, with over 3,100 plants sold. Many thanks to our community for making it successful. 

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