Speak up now for Fremont Parks and Rec and more community gardens

We have a unique opportunity to participate in determining what Fremont’s parks and recreation program will look like and advocate for more community gardens in Fremont. A huge effort is underway to create a Parks and Recreation Master Plan, with virtual public meetings scheduled Aug. 8 and 12. PROS Consulting, out of Indianapolis, has been retained to lead the process. 

Technology is making it possible for many more residents to participate than 25 years back  when the last Master Plan was done. Public meetings are being held via Zoom, accommodating up to 500 attendees per session. The one-hour presentation is participatory, with several surveys conducted during the session and their results shared immediately. Attendees can also enter comments while the meeting is underway through a chat box. I attended the first meeting and learned a lot about Fremont and how we compare with the state and nation in how we like to recreate.

I encourage everyone to participate – if not by attending one of the two upcoming meetings, then by answering the surveys online or submitting your thoughts. This is a great time for LEAF supporters to let the city know they want to see more community gardens. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a community garden within a mile or two of every Fremont resident? The city has a goal of residents being able to walk no more than 10 minutes to a park. Why not a similar standard for community gardens? San Francisco, with 40 community gardens, has 22,000 residents per community garden; Fremont has just one garden (the LEAF Center), for 239,000 residents.

You can register on the website created for the Master Plan for public meetings on August 8 and 12 and also view past meetings there.

If you live near a place you think would be a good spot for a community garden, you can use the new app created for the Master Plan to tell the planners where it is. The app was primarily created to comment on what you like and don’t like about a city park you visit. It uses GIS to locate where exactly the condition you report is located. Very cool. Check it out: HAPPiFEET Fremont App.

(Image at top by Keith Westra)

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