LEAF celebrates National Honey Bee Day

National Honey Bee Day, celebrated August 15, is a day to recognize both the honey bee and our beeloved beekeepers. It’s a good day to learn about honey bees and how we should support them and all pollinators by planting wildflowers, flowering plants and trees and most importantly by not using pesticides, especially those that contain the following chemicals: neonicotinoids, organophosphates and pyrethroids. Those chemicals are sold under a variety of brand names. Please check the labels before purchasing. 

My bees returned from foraging one day where pesticides must have been sprayed. The bees could not walk steadily, exhibiting jerky movements, twitching and paralysis. By the afternoon there were hundreds of dead bees lying around the hive. I was so sad. What a waste of so many amazing creatures.

We have an interdependent relationship with pollinators; they depend on us for a healthy, non-toxic environment and in turn they pollinate approximately 35% of the nutritious plants we eat and provide us with amazing honey.

Here is a 54-minute mini-movie, “Tales from the Hive,” from NOVA, providing some amazing footage from inside of a hive showing a queen laying an egg and eggs developing, combat between honey bees and a hornet, and also scenes outside the hive of bees flying and mating. Perfect for an after-dinner movie on a warm Bay Area night. Enjoy ; )

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