Two people talking next to a red tractor at LEAF garden.

Video: Check out LEAF’s new tractor

LEAF’s big bucket tractor, a Ford named Bruce, has a new friend – a cheery red McCormick Farmall that’s smaller nimbler and physically less demanding to operate, so more of our volunteers will be able to drive it. Depending on the attachments, it can lift and move heavy items like hay bales and tree stumps, cultivate soil (3-4” below the surface), till soil (1 foot below the surface), sow seed or pull a cart full of people or produce. It can also be used as a fun prop that kids and adults can have their picture taken with. Many thanks to Perry Farms for donating this wonderfully versatile tool that will be put to good use at Stone Garden and the Urban Farm (and quite possibly in the Niles Festival of Lights Parade!)

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