C.R. Stone Garden

In 2014, Dr. Chris Stone offered LEAF a free, long-term lease on a half-acre of land behind her Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic. Her generosity allowed LEAF to install a philanthropic garden in the heart of Fremont. Volunteers propagate veggies from seed in the greenhouse, transplant the seedlings into the garden, and then harvest the veggies for donation to a local food bank.

Stone Garden is an ideal venue to teach adults about regenerative farming practices that build healthy soil and increase biodiversity and carbon sequestration, and to let kids get their hands dirty looking for bugs and worms while learning why these creatures are so important in the garden. The bees streaming in and out of our hives offer lessons about the value of pollination, while our beekeeping classes teach people how to keep them healthy and productive.

The philanthropic side of Stone is funded through grants, donations and memberships, and by generating revenue through classes, field trips, spring seedling sales and renting out the garden for events.

Stone Garden is not open to the public due to COVID restrictions.

Location: 55 Mowry Ave near Mission Blvd behind the Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic.

Parking: Please parallel park to Mowry on on the side of the Vet Clinic. Parking in front of the Vet Clinic is for their clients only.