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We garden pesticide free and make our own compost in bins built by Eagle Scouts. LEAF also enjoys the support of the Deaf Plus and Girl Scouts, one troop has a planter in the garden.

LEAF holds workshops at the LEAF Center and propagates seedlings for sale to LEAF members and to the general public through the at Farmers Market and local businesses.

LEAF Center rents planters.   Are you interested in renting a planter?  Send an email to

LEAF Center

  • 36501 Niles Blvd
  • Niles Boulevard at Nursery Avenue @California Nursery Historical Park
  • Fremont, CA 94536

The LEAF Center is located at Fremont‘s California Nursery Historical Park, on Niles Boulevard at Nursery Avenue. The community garden is fully ADA-accessible, with planters available for rent to Tri-City residents .

The LEAF Center opened with a ribbon-cutting event in October 2014. LEAF Center has workshops on a variety of gardening and environmental topics. Seedlings are propagated for sale to LEAF members and at local businesses.

LEAF gardeners use pesticide free methods to propagate plants , including composting.

The garden is maintained by volunteers. Click here if you’re interested in participating.

The garden is accessible to members renting planters.  If you are interested in visiting them, the best time is the weekends.

C.R. Stone Garden

  • 55 Mowry Avenue
  • Behind the Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic
  • Fremont, CA 94536

Dr. Chris Stone-Payne gave LEAF a free, long-term lease on land behind her Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic for use in growing food for low-income residents. LEAF installed a permaculture garden on the property in 2014. That first year, 1,200 pounds of food were grown and donated to the Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank.  The second year over 2,000 pounds were grown and donated.  LEAF mobilized volunteers from churches, Fremont high schools, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and LEAF members and residents to help with the ongoing effort of building the garden and growing food.

Affiliate Gardens

LEAF has helped local groups start their own community gardens and maintains relationships with them as part of our extended gardening family. These affiliated gardens are not open to the public. If you wish to contact the organizer of an affiliated garden, please email

Affiliate Gardens:

ABODE at Sunrise Village

Beth Temple Torah

Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Church


LEAF Center

California Nursery Historic Park, Niles Blvd at Nursery Ave


  • State-of-the-art redwood planters
  • Drip irrigation on timers
  • ADA accessibility
  • Porta-potty on site
  • Gardening workshops
  • Seedlings for sale seasonally on site to LEAF members
  • Composting

Standard Planter

  • 4’x12’x18″

Half-size Planter

  • 2’x12’x28″ and 4’x6’x18″

Includes cost of water,  porta-potty, trash & recycling, plus maintenance & repairs

Who can rent: LEAF members who are residents of Fremont, Newark, Sunol or Union City