Meet the Team

Mia Mora

Position: President

Mia joined LEAF in 2010, shortly after retiring from a corporate job in Facilities, where she created and managed the Santa Clara site’s Sustainability Program. Using her architectural and project management skills, she installed Fremont’s first public community garden, the LEAF Center. Mia served as Board Secretary and took on the role of President from LEAF’s founder, Bruce Cates, in 2017. She serves as Manager of both the LEAF Center and Urban Farm, writes grants, oversees Membership and tables for LEAF at events. Mia is also a Fremont Recreation Commissioner.


Position: Secretary

Elaine has worked in many different sectors in her working career. Her latest change was going back to school in Landscape Horticulture where she earned a degree in Nursery Management. She manages both the C.R. Stone Garden and Nursery, where she and the Stone Gardeners propagate seedlings. Some seedlings are planted at Stone Garden and harvested for donation to the TCV Food Bank, other seedlings are sold to the public. She’s also Co-Manages the Education Team, coordinating LEAF’s monthly workshops, fee-based classes and school field trips. She is also on the Board of Directors. Elaine is the driving force behind LEAF’s biggest annual event, LEAF Earth Day.

Irshad Rasheed

Position: Treasurer

Irshad is a experienced serial entrepreneur and a technologist. He has lent his leadership skills to transform LEAF to adopt consistent corporate governance and strong financial model. He championed LEAF to get long term contracts with partners. He is an avid home gardener, an apiarist and believes in living in ecologically sustainable manner. In addition, as a volunteer, Irshad serves on the board of two other community organizations – local council of the Boy Scouts and PTO of Mission San Jose High School. For his day job, Irshad serves as COO of Sanveo, Inc., a local construction technology company.


Jerry Kuhlman

Position: Director

Jerry joined LEAF three years ago and works with the Stone Garden Infrastructure Team. He’s our Chief Bee Herder and Tractor Guy. Jerry is retired with a background in construction and landscaping.


Mayank Malik

Position: Director

Mayank joined LEAF recently when his 9 year old daughter rented a LEAF planter. By day he’s Chief Data Officer and Blockchain Lead at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. His work focuses on creating tools and technologies to enable 100% clean energy for all. Mayank is also passionate about education. He mentors a group of students from Code Hobbits, a Fremont-based after-school STEM program for middle- and high-school kids. The student group is tasked with creating the new, soon-to-be-released website for LEAF.